Adding Ties to Stringers

Adding Ties to Stringers

Finished splined stringers with temporary longitudinal spacer inserted to hold the stringers apart ready to accept the ties.

splined stringers


pre assembly

Pre-stained in the shoe dye and alcohol solution and left to ‘pickle’ for different lengths of time produces (in my opinion) a good selection of aged and weathered timbers representing well aged wood ties a scale 8′ x 8″ x 10′

The ties are added to the splined stringers and spaced a scale 3″ apart. Note the unstained temporary spacer holding the splines apart. The centreline of the middle spline on each side is a scale 30″ apart.

adding ties to stringers

pre-stained ties

applying ties

tie spacers

water barrel ties

Every so often water barrel platforms were added as seen here with the extended ties.

barrel platforms

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