Bridge Support Beam

There is a requirement for the trestle to bridge a road or other right of way and therefore the trestle bents would cause an obstruction, so a raised section is required to allow vertical and horizontal clearance.

Double Bent

This is achieved by bridging between two existing bents about halfway way along the overall length of the trestle. At this point the bents are doubled up see photo above, ie., two are bolted together to provide the additional strength and stability required to support a laminated bridge beam shown in the photos below.

Bridge Support Beams

Clamping Bridge Support Beam

Bridge Support

The laminated bridge beam is bolted together and NBW’s applied as shown below.

Bolted Bridge Beam

Detail showing well rusted bridge bolts. These are painted with Vallejo Panzer Aces #337 Highlight German Black – I like this instead of black as it is a green grey black that looks like well weathered steel plus a dry brushing of Vallejo Model Color #79818 Red Leather which in my opinion is a good rust colour when mixed with a little of the colour above. I have also used this combination for weathering locomotives and freight cars.

Bridge Bolts

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