Attaching Trestle Bents to Splined Bridge Deck

I have been struggling with attaching the Trestle Bents to the Splined Bridge Deck trying to keep them square to the deck and upright at the same time. I created a styrene jig to hold them in place but this failed as I tried to apply sufficient weight to aid in the glue drying process.

I also struggled with clamps and pegs of all sizes and just could not apply enough pressure to hold the glued joints.

. . . and then I had a eureka moment…! let me explain:

Recently I attended the Bristol O Gauge show and got talking to a modeller who couldn’t say enough about the merits of a SUPER thin penetrating cyano glue that bonds in ONE to FIVE seconds… so I purchased some and put it in the modelling toolbox with the other tools and bits that I had picked up that day.

Could it be that this stuff really works?

I did a test and stuck two¬†strips of uneven wood ¬†together along with my left thumb, a few stray metal spikes and the green cutting mat that features in most of my pictures into one totally bonded mass…!

I then did a more controlled test and blimey this stuff called ROCKET HOT really works.Rocket Hot

Attaching Bents






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